precious moments with you~

yunjae in thailand interview....

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I so love Jaejoong's bashfulness.... he can't take any compliment
and Yunho also HAD to talk about Jae 
only his words can make our Jaejoong react that way, ne? XD
it's funny how yunho can't stop talking whereas jaejoong is short of words 
then there's yunjae family moment with their son changmin! haha
yoochun looks quite odd doh w/ his hair n goggles ^.^;

credit: IINaSsII @ YT

hadn't been online for so long and I had missed so much :sigh:
precious moments with you~

YunJae date?!? in Osaka style!! XD


YunJae DATE?!? ^_______^  that too a day before our Yunho's BIRTHDAY!!! 

but who's that man as a disturbance? is he tryin to be Shuichii/Ruichi from Gravitation? 
must be the costume to hide himself from YunJae fans for interrupting their date >.<

credits: daisuki90 at YT